All Al is in Wonderland

Shorts Weather!

Oh, the warm and balmy weather

will proceed, by all reports.

So I hike by heath and heather.

And guess what! I’m wearing shorts!


Well, I may not be athletic.

No, I’m not that good at sports.

But I’m playfully poetic,

and I’m handsome in my shorts.

So if you don’t like it, sue me.

Go on, take me to the courts.

But I won’t be very gloomy,

cause I’ll still be wearing shorts.


They can say I’m in a stupor,

I’ve a million retorts.

It’s a petty party pooper

who expostulates or snorts.

I’ll be out there feeling super.

No, I won’t be out of sorts!

It’s a splendid, sunny spring—let’s all wear shorts!


Hairy Poet!

I shouldn’t give away too much from my upcoming book, “Al is in Wonderland,” but…