I am getting pretty clever
with this whimsical endeavor
and it’s silly that I’ve never
made a book.
I’ve commenced a compilation,
and the starring illustration
is my cartoon incarnation.
Take a look!

Digut Duck

Here’s a relic from a magical time when I was much shorter but my name was much longer. I’m wondering if “Digut” is a misspelling of “Digit,” making it a joke on the digital look of the strip. Could be. I bet I could joke better than I could spell.


Still trying to figure out social media. I made this promo before actually making an Instagram account. Then I made one, and it looks like I can only use it as a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet — which I don’t have. Oh well. This poem idea was the main reason I wanted the account anyway.

Happy Summer!


I’m no grouser, I’m no grumbler.

I’m no bum and I’m no bumbler.

I don’t flounder! I’m no fumbler!

Check it out! I made a Tumblr.

The Snail

Words With Friends!

Great photo of me performing my obscenely alliterative poem, “The Goods,” at the annual Cedar St. Art Party. Photo by Jon Beckley.