The Bald and the Beautiful

I am getting pretty clever
with this whimsical endeavor
and it’s silly that I’ve never
made a book.
I’ve commenced a compilation,
and the starring illustration
is my cartoon incarnation.
Take a look!

Digut Duck

Here’s a relic from a magical time when I was much shorter but my name was much longer. I’m wondering if “Digut” is a misspelling of “Digit,” making it a joke on the digital look of the strip. Could be. I bet I could joke better than I could spell.

Happy Summer!

The Snail

Words With Friends!

Great photo of me performing my obscenely alliterative poem, “The Goods,” at the annual Cedar St. Art Party. Photo by Jon Beckley.

Slow and Steady…

When I was little, I made a bunch of single panel cartoons and called the series “AWOL.” I would print out a template. As you can see, I was a hilarious child.